The Price was Persecution


." Romans 15:13

The Radicals (Sisters and brothers, 1989)

Based on Myron Augsburger's acclaimed book, here is the story of Michael and Margaretha Sattler and the beginnings of the Anabaptist movement in 16th century Europe.

Michael was monk and Margaretha a (Beguine) nun. They both left their religious orders in search of a New Testament faith. Their brief marriage was terminated when Michael was burned at the stake [after horrible torture] and Margaretha drowned in May 1527 for their crucial role in the formation of the radical Anabaptist moment.

Neither Catholic nor Protestant, these radical reformers sought to go back tot he Bible.

Religion and state were always intertwined. Event he early Protestant movements were tied to their states and princes. But this people refused such ties and offered the world a new vision.

"Like my brother, I am afraid. I fear for those in prison.  I weep for those who have died and will die as Anabaptists. But I fear even more the consequences of compromise for if we allow the power of this world to be threaded into the fabric of Christ's church.

"We have all seen the results: compassion turns to pride, charity to greed, truth becomes fabrication, salvation citizenship, peace oppression. And faith in God becomes faith in popes and princes and kings.

We must imitate Christ, not the world, in all things. Even if we are called to the gallows or the grave. ... If we deceive ourselves now, the price will be eternal."

The following articles in which we have been united as brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ:

Baptize those who have repented of their sins and have made an adult and voluntary commitment to follow Christ.

Swear no oath of any kind

To reject the sword as outside the perfection of Christ

To separate ourselves so that good and evil, believing and unbelieving, darkness and light, the kingdom of God and the kingdoms of this earth -- none -- will have part with the other. It is not enough that we leave this place in simple agreement. We must go forth fully committed to the cause that we have set here, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We must go out as sheep amidst wolves, as lambs to the slaughter. How say ye?

Amen! Amen! Amen!



Precious Father, remind me always to drink from the life-giving fountain of Your holy life. Separate me from all that would displease or dishonor You. Enable me to keep your Name holy before the host of earthly and heavenly observers. Let me be all yours -- every moment. Thank you, my Lord and my King. 

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